Spiros Papaspirou


1974.   Born in Thessaloniki, Greece.

1999.   Diploma in Architecture. (Aristotle Univercity of Thessaloniki)

           Licenced architect from Technical Chamber of Greece. 

2008.  Diploma in Management & Business Administration.                                             (Univercity of Macedonia, Thessaloniki)

2011.    Qualification as building's Energy inspector. (Technical Chamber)


Since 2001, I work as an independent architect upon projects concerning different parts of activities. Collaboration with other engineers, architectural offices and construction companies. Building permission accomplishments according to the Greek lαw system. Consulting clients with architectural designs to determine functional and spatial requirements, as well as to optimize the value of their properties.


Bioclimatic principles of designing new buildings and energy improvement of existing is essential of my projects.


Energy saving and eco_lifestyle is essential of my living.